Scarlet 1-6x24 SFP



Red Win 1/2MOA Delta Wing Reticle HD AR Lens Cap Adjust 5 Level G&R Quick Acquisition CQB Tactical Scarlet 1-6x24SFP Riflescope


• HD AR Lens Fully Multi Coated
• America-oriented ‘Nous’ Optical System
• Crystal Image Quality, No Edge Design
• Original Appearance Design in Korea
• 1/2 MOA Cap Adjust with Re-set to Zero System
• MOA+ Delta Wing BDC Etched Glass Reticle
• 5 level Red & Green Illumination
• IPX6 Water Resistance


High Definition Anti-Reflection Coating Lens Fully Multi Coated delivers an outstanding Image. In its essence, light is an electromagnetic wave, among which electromagnetic waves with a wavelength between 400nm and 780nm can be perceived by the human eye and are called visible light. A wavelength of 420um ~ 680um is visible through Scarlet lenses

Advanced ‘Nous’ optical system is accomplished for Super Wide Field of view. ‘Nous’ optical system is originally designed in USA. Superior lenses are fully coated with Multi-layer Broad Band Anti-reflective Coatings which ensure maximum light transmission and exceptional clarity. Incredible bright and sharp image will build your confidence in poor light condition from daybreak to dusk

Original Appearance Design by Shooting Enthusiast in Korea. Incorporating the RED WIN logo Angle and Chinese elements 6, 8, 12, 16 into the appearance design, conveying the spirit of rookie and fearless.

In addition, Reliable 1/2 MOA W/E Cap Adjust provide smooth and precise adjustments, while still maintaining a compact and efficient design. Easily remove the cap and unscrew the inside turret to re-set to zero.

Designed with fast focus eye piece ring, make users easy to focus their personal eye characteristics.

MOA + Delta Wing BDC reticle and scope systems provide high speed target acquisition with uncompromising quality and durability for shooters who need to engage targets from point-blank out to extended ranges.

5 level Red & Green illumination the red dot is visible in sunlight.

Nitrogen filling + O-ring seal system delivers IPX6 Waterproof and fog proof.

Covered by Red Win’s Shield with 5 years Warranty


Magnification: 1x-6x
Objective Lens Diameter : 24mm
Ocular Lens Diameter : 40mm
Monotube Diameter : 30mm
Diopter Compensation : +/- 2
Exit Pupil : 3mm ~ 9mm
Coating : Fully Multi Coated
Standard Click Value : 1/2 MOA
Total Travel Elevation : ≥ 120 MOA ( 35 Mil )
Total Travel Windage : ≥ 120 MOA ( 35 Mil )
Reticle: Delta Wing
Illumination : 5 Levels Red & Green
Battery : CR2032
Parallax set : 100 yds
Field of view @100 Yards : 109.2ft ~18.2ft
Field of view @ 100 Meters : 36.4m ~ 6.1m
Eye Relief : 100mm ( 3.94 in )
Length : 250mm / 9.8 inch
Net Weight : 450g/pc ( 15.9 Oz )


Delta Wing Reticle is designed for 5.56 calibre by Shooting Enthusiast. It features Three 1 MOA dot surrounded by a tactical equilateral triangle with a trapezoidal exit ( here we call Delta Wing ). The inside length of the equilateral triangle is 20 MOA and the outside length of 25 MOA. Which is designed for target measuring in different angle. The length of the upper side of the trapezoid is 5MOA, and the length of the lower side is 7.3MOA. BDC features with each dot on the vertical line from 100yds, 300yds, 400yds, 500yds, 600yds, 700yds, 800yds. The distance between 2 dots on the side of the equilateral triangle is 15MOA.

Package Including

Flip up lens Cap x 1pr
Honeycomb Sunshade x 1pc
Clean Clothes x 1pc
Users Manual x 1pc